50 Days of Joy Pt 3

Day 18 – 18th April At some point in April, I saw this headline, which brought me much mirth and amusement! Day 19 – 19th April The highlight of today was obviously going to see Wicked! For more, see my last blog post (https://debbiescancerblog.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/is-it-wicked-not-to-care/) Day 20 – 20th April Day 21 – 21st April Mum managed to get the two of us tickets to see … Continue reading 50 Days of Joy Pt 3

Lent Reflection – I will not let you go

“It just says he’s traveling to meet his brother and is camped by a river and suddenly he’s wrestling a man and the man is an angel and there’s no reason ever explained. I feel that profoundly, like something has been sent to me and I don’t even know why and I may never know but I have to struggle with it.” This is something … Continue reading Lent Reflection – I will not let you go


https://debbiescancerblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/30/january-february/ February is now almost over and it’s gone by very fast! I’m sure this isn’t just me – most of Twitter has been talking about how quickly it’s passed compared to January. I know it’s a shorter month but it really did feel like it flew by – but looking back over it, I think I managed to fit a fair bit in and … Continue reading February/March

Answering Awkward Questions

I’ve never been very good at answering questions, even when I know the answer! When people ask me what my PhD is on, I tend to mumble something inarticulate about nuns. The being asked questions thing is really common when you’re visibly ill – especially, I’ve found, if you use mobility aids or a wheelchair. I’m quite open about things, particularly online. Not everyone feels … Continue reading Answering Awkward Questions

Lent Reflection – Have Courage and Be Kind

‘Have Courage and Be Kind’ was one of the main lines in the 2015 live action version of Cinderella. Mostly, I really didn’t enjoy the film – it seemed to me to be Cinderella at its worst, indulging all the saccharine elements without anything that makes it interesting. That line is something I’m trying to keep very much in mind at the moment though, so … Continue reading Lent Reflection – Have Courage and Be Kind